Monday, April 16, 2012

The Need for Sensitivity

North Korea recently became the laughing stock of the world after its failed rocket launch. I must admit, I even giggled a bit about the news. Despite this, I know that we should remain serious about this old international feud.

North Korea purposefully sensationalized its plan of launching a rocket in order to have their satellite orbit in space, eliciting suspicion from the rest of the world. People accused North Korea of conducting a ballistics test under the guise of releasing a harmless satellite. North Korea staunchly denied this, and gained some support from some leftist activists in the process. In effect, this controversial nation managed to stir the world's curiosity on its capabilities.

However, the widespread poverty North Korea desperately tries to hide is taking its toll on them. North Korea failed in almost every respect, as far as the rocket is concerned; they failed to launch a satellite into space, assuming that that's their original plan. If it's a power play, then they also failed, since they instead turned into some sort of a joke the world could laugh at. But what if this is a blind? What if North Korea has something up its sleeve that one could consider the real deal? Call me paranoid if you want, but as far as national security is concerned, we must by no means allow humor get the better of us. A dose of political humor is perfectly fine, but we must not dwell on such superficial comedy and remain focused on more pressing issues; the persistent tensions between the communists and the rest of humanity.

I'd like to share something to think about from the 48 Laws of Power, one of the books in my possession. I intend to discuss a specific law written on the said book; the 47th.

"Do not go past the mark you aimed for; in victory, learn when to stop."

The world was prepared for whatever might happen should North Korea's plan about the rocket succeeds. Several countries even prepared anti-missiles should anything unpleasant happen. But then, the world succeeded, without even lifting a finger; the rocket failed, and the world rejoiced and laughed at the same time. Given the dynamism of the Internet, it was only a matter of time before North Korea's image devolved into nothing more but pastime jokes. 

However, this is beginning to be a sign of insensitivity. We gradually become too complacent with the recent events. Fear is slowly being diluted to become comedy. And this is a big no-no. Someday, the humor should fade, to be replaced with seriousness and vigilance. Do not forget that the country we laugh at today caused all sorts of trouble to our world. North Korea constantly unsettled many countries, and that's no laughing matter. While we join in the humor bandwagon, let's not forget that North Korea won't just fade into the shadows, not showing its face ever again.

It is in these times of light-hearted humor that the world should practice more vigilance as to what North Korea will do next. As a reminder, I'd like to share the entirety of the 47th law for my esteemed readers (if there are any). Check this link, if you please. 

It is logical to say, given North Korea's apparent negligence of citizen welfare and its internal economy, preferring to immerse itself in weapons testing, that this country is becoming more and more suicidal. It is only a matter of time before North Korea collapses on itself, unless it changes its ways. However, our utmost concern at the moment is not to get caught up in North Korea's suicide.

For another commentary regarding the aftermath of the failed rocket launch, you can check this link, too. 

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